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Our driving objectives are:-

Avail a variety of textbooks to learning and private institutions at affordable rates.

Advice colleges and universities on new book publications so that they can purchase the latest editions in the market.

Provide resourceful information on journals and periodicals and assist in subscriptions.

To make profits and reasonable returns to the stakeholders.

Partner with the Government where we can contributions to eradicate poverty and hence in achieving some of the MDGs.



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Gabby Books K Ltd is a Kenyan based bookselling company duly incorporated under the companies Act Cap 486.
Gabby started trading in 2001. At the inception, the Company had been registered as a partnership under the name Gabby Books Services.

The firm then consisting only of two members, both of who were the Directors has grown to a team of  twelve (12) permanent employees and occasionally hire labour when need arises.

Our customers have multiplied ten folds and today we thank God the company has made its presence felt in the East African Book selling, library automation and Stationery (Both office and Computer) industry and we can with certainty declare our self an able competitor in the East African book market.

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Our SuppliersWe represent a number of renowned overseas publishers. We do this on a few arrangement with individual Publishers.

Some of them we are their exclusive distributors like Jolly Learning etc while others we are on distribution arrangement where we stock their products and distribute to other bookshops and end users, these include publishers like Elsevier Science and Technology, McGraw-Hill and many others.

Products & Services

Gabby Books (K) Ltd provides superior Book selling, Stationery and Library automation services in the Learning industry.

Gabby Books (K) Ltd is serving both the domestic and international sectors. Gabby Books K Ltd brings a fresh and innovative approach to book selling trade, acting as liaison between the end-user (institutions of learning) and the Publishers.


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